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anonymo™ optimizes data privacy with artificial intelligence
Secures Identifiable Personal Data through Smart and Useable Anonymization

Respecting the Consumer’s Right of Privacy

Is Your Company GDPR Compliant Yet?

The world of data analytics is facing endless scrutiny when it comes to consumer data privacy and security. With GDPR coming in 2018, global companies need a real solution that meets compliance and consumer rights while advancing the application of data analytics. anonymo™ is that solution!

The Need

Customers are demanding that companies do more to protect their identities from weak and compromising data systems. Starting in 2018, companies will be held accountable to the new data privacy and protection guidelines set by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
This initiative addresses the rights of European citizens to privacy and security of their personal data by corporations.

The Risk

The GDPR sets the new international standard for companies involved with European citizens—regardless where the company is from! Any company that fails to comply with GDPR guidelines faces risk of massive fines, legal suits, and potential loss of trust from their customers.
Do you feel confident in your corporate data systems to meet these new guidelines and keep consumer data safe?

The Solution

anonymo™ resolves many complicated data privacy regulations for your corporate data ecosystem through the automated anonymization of personal data. This means it de-indentifies personal data so that consumers can’t be sourced back to it.

As a result, your business mitigates risks of data loss while optimizing the privacy and security of your data systems in accordance with the GDPR.


"My name is John Doe and I'm writing you because my credit card number 4900 0000 0000 0000 will expire soon. Can you call me back at 079 123 4567? Or email me at joh[email protected]. I live in San Francisco and my bank is West Fargo."

Becoming GDPR Compliant by 2018

Upgrading Data Privacy

The GDPR provides an important provision to lead businesses in the right direction: anonymization.

“The principles of data protection shall not apply to data rendered anonymous in such a way that the data subject is no longer identifiable.”

anonymo™ does just this!

  • Real-time anonymization
  • 50+ languages
  • API integration
  • Data loss prevention
  • Tailored pseudonymization
  • On-premises
Meet Regulations with an All-in-One Solution

Privacy with Purpose

anonymo™ integrates with your corporate data systems to establish automated anonymization and pseudonymization using three core modules.

The anonymo™ Data Flow Manager handles the data flow between your IT systems and anonymo. This core system is responsible for recognizing key personal information and sending it to be de-identified by the anonymo system before being used by your organization.
The anonymo™ Data Flow Scheduler determines when and how often to operate multiple data flows between your data systems and anonymo. The scheduler ensures that personal data is anonymized at regularly scheduled intervals to maximize security against data theft.
The anonymo™ Core Engine acts as the key system in de-identifying and anonymizing personal data. Its advanced algorithms are set to recognize identifiable data and strip it of what makes it traceable to a specific consumer while sustaining valuable information for your data analytics team.

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Anonymize data

anonymo™ takes data processing out of the data protection sphere.

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Create meaningful insights, whilst protecting individuals’ privacy.

Real-time or scheduled

Real-time anonymization – or according to scheduled data workflow

50+ languages

Applicable on 50+ languages & various data-formats.


Installed and runs on premises.


The journey to anonymo

anonymo™ is a product developed by SandSIV Labs by some of the smartest data scientists and engineers in the world. SandSIV Labs has been a leader in enabling corporations worldwide to gather superior customer intelligence in a way that’s safe, secure and practical.

anonymo™ was engineered with the sole purpose of meeting future data privacy protocols and easing the burdens of regulations on businesses. Maintenance, support, development and more is handled by a dedicated team of specialists to guarantee customer satisfaction and compliance with the latest data privacy regulations set by the GDPR.

  • Nov, '10
    SandSIV released the first version of its CXM solution: VOC HUB the customer experience solution.
  • Apr, '11
    SandSIV released the first NLP solution embeded in its CXM platform: VOC MINE.
  • Feb, '12
    SandSIV released VOC MINE to use Lemmatization and Stop Words on data loading.
  • Jan, '13
    Tomas Mikolov (google) proposed two novel model architectures for computing continuous vector representations of words from very large data sets.
  • Mar, '14
    SandSIV released new NLP models build on Scikit-learn version 0.16.0
  • Oct, '14
    SandSIV released first unsupervised prototypes build on word2vec build on Scikit-learn
  • Oct, '15
    Google officially released RankBrain on October 26, 2015, backed by TensorFlow.
  • Nov, '15
    Google released TensorFlow an open-source software library for dataflow programming across a range of tasks.
  • Aug, '16
    Facebook's Artificial Research released fastText. FastText supports both text classification and learning word vector representations.
  • Dec, '16
    SandSIV released first NLP models based on combinations of TensorFlow and FastText.
  • Aug, '17
    Google release pre-trained models for TensorFlow.
  • Sep, '17
    SandSIV released anonymo™ build on TensorFlow.
  • Nov, '17
    SandSIV released VOC CLASSIFY™ build on fastText.

anonymo™ Was Built for One Purpose: Safeguarding Businesses Against Data Privacy Risks in Accordance with the GDPR

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